"And the spirit of God moved upon the
waters and God said "Let there be LIGHT"

GENESIS 1: 2 & 3


601 Seaway Drive, Fort Pierce, FL 34949 

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History was made at the 
Causeway Cove Marina 
in Fort Pierce, Florida

The only hope for America is another great spiritual awakening, and we started it on the Treasure Coast! There is a whole generation that has not yet experienced a revival, and we have officially stepped into the first wave that we are praying will sweep up the coast and across America.

Miracle On The Water was a week-long event of miracles, signs, and wonders! So many came... the lost, the dying, the sick and the suffering. This is the week we witnessed first hand the amazing power of God and saw the fire of the Holy Ghost made manifest. Many people made the greatest decision of their life by being a part of the Miracle On The Water and having a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.


Think about a person you've talked to or emailed but never met. How do you know that person really exists?


We decree and declare the heavens are open over the Causeway Cove Marina during the Miracle On The Water.
All that God has planned, purposed, and provided is overtaking us.
We take dominion in every domain.
This is our hour of breakthrough, thy kingdom come.
Signs, wonders, and miracles follow us.
All limitations are broken off and dividing walls are torn down.
The Body of Christ in one in this endeavor.
The final reformation has begun.
Our territory and region will not remain the same.
God is doing a new thing; we have entered a new realm. The exceeding, abundant and beyond realm.
The greater works!
We leave behind the old ways, old habits, the past, old limitations, and old patterns. This is the move of God.
In this move, we decree souls to be saved , sick bodies to be healed, demons cast out, and lives transformed by
the Power of God.
We decree, The Word of God to be preached with power under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
We forbid any strife, competitions, or jealousies.
We bind the power of darkness over our region.
We demolish satanic plans and purposes.
We subdue every demonic scheme .
We overrule every evil sanction and injustice.
We decree and declare that every need is met.
Financial, spiritual, material , nothing is lacking, nothing is missing.
We decree and declare, the Praise and Worship during this week to be heavenly.
We decree hearts to yearn for H is Holy presence alone.
We forbid any schisms, cliques, divisions, or prejudices .
For we are all one in Christ Jesus.
We decree, during this week of Revival and Reformation, that all are transformed and that no one remains the
We release Angels to marshal and protect all God ’s covenant people.
Angels to contend with those who contend with us and to destroy all demonic interference and resistance.
Divine judgment is executed against all satanic activity.
This event is saturated with the glory and presence of God.
The truth of God ’s word prevails and saturates our atmosphere and environment.


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